About Us


New World Digital Art  is a small business venture founded by Frank Basinski owned and managed by fellow Terragen & VFX artist Danny Gordon. NWDA is a collective of 11 industry Terragen specialists creating production quality presets and objects for both hobbyist & professional 3D artists for use in VR, film and gaming industries. Our products have been used in various productions and as a whole represent the “crème de la crème” in commercially available Terragen resources. The NWDA Store in addition to offering NWDA specific content is an open merchant platform for artist’s outside NWDA wanting to share or sell their self-made Terragen presets, objects, tools and or techniques under the NWDA umbrella brand.

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NWDA Partners Danny Gordon, Frank Basinski, Franck Doassans, Martin Huisman, Stephen Pryor, Jan-Walter Schliep, Ulco Glimmerveen, Ryan Archer, Luc BiancoRené van Megen & Alessandro Mastronardi

Product Overview:

  • Atmospheres – Photo Realistic Atmosphere & Cloud based tgc & project files
  • Complete Project – Complete Scene Files (tgd)
  • Foliage – Quality 3d Bushes & grasses for your scenes. (tgo & obj formats)
  • Objects– Props and misc objects to give your scenes real world detail (tgo & obj)
  • Planets – Global Models with detailed procedural surface work perfect for orbital shots as well
  • Presets – Create and learn by taking advantage of our Terragen Clip files and preset files.( tgc )
  • Surfaces – Production quality surface files – Includes Rock Surfaces, Sand Surfaces, snow etc.
  • Trees – Quality 3d Trees for Your Scenes. (tgo & obj Format)
  • Terrains –  Terragen and 3rd party created Height maps and displacements.
  • Miscellaneous – Miscellaneous CG products, Textures, Skydomes & 360 images