NWDA Site Improvements


Lately you may have noticed changes on the NWDA website. We have been working to improve user experience, information, and focus. Most importantly NWDA is broadening it's focus; thinking about the artist, and their tools of trade in 3d environment modeling. The first phase of updates has focused on revamping the website to align with this new focus. As well as adding some new style to the mix.

Changes Made

  • Theme Updates
    1. New theme images have been added such as the header banner.
    2. Featured art slider on the frontpage
  • Resources Updates
    1. The links page has been renamed "Resources".
    2. Redesigned to be more compact, and easier to navigate
    3. Added new software sections, and links.
  • About Us Updates
    1. Redesigned NWDA members info section.
    2. New NWDA members added
  • Gallery Updates
    1. More images added to the gallery.
  • Challenges Archive Updates
    1. Added the Roadside challenge to the archive
Keep an eye out for updates in the future.


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